reasons i tend to not talk

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“My past made me who I am today. I can’t just pretend it never happened. But the biggest lesson I learnt from that, is that I can be an example for others who are still struggling! There’s always hope and help for everyone. I think it’s my responsibility to do that, to help. I always refer to this as the “moment of clarity”. It’s hard to explain what really happened, but it was a once in a lifetime kind of moment. I had reached my lowest point and I just knew things had to change quickly because there was just no other way, you know.”

May your soul rest in peace, Cory Monteith.

(May 11st, 1982 - July 13rd, 2013)

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A while ago I got a message requesting something related to this tweet from ssspock (who runs the official_bucky account on Twitter)! It took me forever, but this is what I came up with! This was good fun to draw, and as you can see Bucky’s twitter account is a true blessing so you should follow it (if you aren’t already!)

P.S. don’t forget to enter my art giveaway! It ends in a week!

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so in iron man 2

a little boy in an iron man helmet tries to shoot one of the rampaging suits with his lil toy flight stabilizers

in spider-man 2

a little boy puts on his spiderman suit and stands up against the rhino

that’s great for all the little boys in the theater,…

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' hands down! you'll insult our guest.

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“She smiled and all I could think was ‘Oh shit’.”
— Ten Word Poem #5  (via asdfghjkllove)

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Tumblr thinks this is the kind of post I want to see on my dash

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Magic mirror on the wall, who is the baddest of them all?


So much sass in one post.

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say something i’m giving up on you

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